Sunday, August 28, 2011

Restful Sunday

Good day,
I don't have the B page to show you today thought I might break up the pages so not to just go through the alphabet with you, since pretty sure everyone knows it, lol. What I do have for you to see is this lovely card I made at Jen's open house back in July. I believe that we used most of the new in colours and the label punch. She also gave us a very useful tip that I am going to pass on to you all. When stamping an image like the flowers that has a larger surface with ink then you need to hold the stamp down to the paper with the even pressure and a few minutes longer than you would normally do. And you end up with a very clean crisp image. Thanks Jen!! Well this has been short and sweet and hope you enjoyed.
Thanks for checking in,

SOS Hurricane Amy

Help! Now have to say I am embarrassed to show these pictures, but I am in desperate need for some help. My craft room is a little out of control right now. Between my 10 year old and 71/2 year old ( as she keeps reminding me), having free use of it over the summer, plus my mothers contributions because of her downsizing. I have lost complete and utter control and organization down there. I wanna get back down there and work on some projects, and make it a more friendly and workable space. Now the dimensions are about 15x20. It is a corner in my unfinished basement so I don't have proper ceilings or walls. The only thing that is separating it from the other part of the basement are shower curtains and bookshelves. My other thing is I have put myself on a shopping ban like Loganscraftymomma did cause I want to use what I have so I don't really want to have to purchase anything to achieve a tranquil place if I can help it. But am willing to add a few organizational products to create the tranquil organized spaces I have seen all you talented ladies showing off on youtube and your blogs. Any help is greatly appreciated and hope to keep you updated on these project clean up. I will pass along any tips I have learned as well. Thanks for any help and suggestions I appreciate them all!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Weekend

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely relaxing Saturday. We here had a great time, I introduced the girls to a book market. For those of you that are not sure what that is, it is a place where you can take your gently used and loved books. Kind of like a consignment store for books. And in return you can either take the money from the books or else reinvest in some new books. Now Rosie just loves books, so she decided to reinvest in some new books. Katie was a little hesitant but did find two that she was interested in. After exploring the book market we headed to Canadian Tire for some house repair items. Then to top of a day of errands we went to my favorite place, Starbucks.
So now that I have told you about our day, I will tell you a little about the craft project I was working on. As some of you know I run a home daycare, and so I always have a child's birthday coming up at some time or another. Anyways this was a gift for a little boy in my care that was turning 3 this month. His mother had commented about starting to work with him on recognizing his letters and numbers and colours. So as a small gift I made and ABC book. I know normally you can just buy these types of books but unfortunately there is so many things on the page for each letter that kids sometimes get confused. And so I picked up a little 8x8 scrapbook and made a page with one image for each letter. All the die cuts were made with my cricut and outlined with my white gel pen. The adhesive I used was a combination of zig two way glue, xyron sticker maker and also my ATG gun. The cartridges I used were Create a Critter, Planton Schoolbook, and Paper Doll Dress Up. So now here is the letter A. Hope you enjoy, thanks for checking in once again and looking forward to see you again!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Hello my friends,

Well not only are we excited that it is Friday here at our house but it is also the last day of work till our vacation. The family this year is taking a trip to Maine, and are hoping the hurricane Irene changes her mind from doing the same!
Now the card I have to show you today was inspired by Loganscraftymomma cause I was watching one of her youtube videos where she had out her colouring pencils. And secondly was this is a set my mother gave up when they downsized their living space. This set is a Stampin Up set called Blooming with Love. Now I am not sure about all the papers, I think they are also Stampin Up but am not 100% sure. I do know for sure though that the ribbon is grosgrain and is Stampin Up. I used my Prisma colouring pencils, and my usually adhesive, as well as the stamping was done with India Ink. I hope you enjoy and I hope that whoever I send this too also enjoys the card. It is the end of the week and the weekend is finally here, enjoy yourselves and hopefully there is some time for you to stamp too!
Thanks again for stopping by,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Record

Good morning,

Well have to say I don't believe I have done so many posts since I started this blog, lol. I just wanted to show you another card we made at my friend Jen's open house. Have I mentioned she is an amazing stamper and a Stampin Up demonstrator? Well she is! Anyways this was another great card she had for us to create, while demo'ing the new stamp set. My mother fell in love with this set so I am going to have to put an order in for her, lol. Hardship I know. As much as she likes this card though I am going to have to send it off for another crafter to enjoy in the Canadian Card Exchange. So hopefully the person recieving it will like the set as much as my mother did after seeing this card. I hope this post finds everyone well and I appreciate you taking time out of your day to stop by. Thanks for looking once again,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hump Day

Good afternoon,

Now I hope I am not giving anyone a heart attack with these three last posts. I know I had been very lazy with posting in the past. But.... part of the reason for my posting so much is kind of a dig at another blogger, you know who you are, that commented that I had not posted for awhile.
Sooooo..... that is why I have been making more of an effort to post daily if not every second day. The card I am showcasing today is one I made at my dear friends Jen Dimarco's house, she was showing us some of the new stamp sets and selling her older retired ones. As you can see we got to play with the new blossom punch, which I have to say was cool, and I ended up purchasing. I also like the Stampin Up boarder punches too! I think the card came out very nicely and will be sending this one off for my Canadian Card Swap for the month of August. Hope the recipient likes it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks for checking in and will catch up again soon,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunny Skies

Hello Everyone,
It is a lovely sunny day here so that mean I am off to the park with my gang! Yesterday was cloudy and overcast and got a lot of cleaning done, so today is a park day and I guess the rest will get done when the kids are napping. I hope everyone is having a nice sunny day too, it is cool here but very refreshing. This is one of the cards I received this week from the Canadian Card Swap that I am involved in. As you can see Karen is a very talented crafter. The troops are getting restless waiting for me to finish this post so I will catch you all up more later. Have a good day, and hope to see you back here soon.
Thanks for looking,

Monday, August 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Good morning everyone,
The girls and I had a great weekend spent up in Morrisburg with my parents. Granny and Granddom to the girls. It was a very much needed relaxing weekend! Granddom made these delicious fresh burgers on a charcoal bbq, and they were so good I couldn't resist having three burgers. Now we didn't eat anything with the burgers but potato chips. But wow they were good. Always makes me laugh cause we call it camping when we go visit them cause they are in an RV, but looking at Rosie here doesn't she seem like she is roughing it, more like glamping in her case, lol.

Well it was a good weekend and we thank them for having us. I was excited to get home though cause while I was sitting relaxing I had downloaded a new scrapbook organizer app for my phone. This app allows me to categorize my stash and take pictures so I won't be hoarding three bottles of ruby slipper stickles anymore! LOL.
Now since this is suppose to be a craft blog, and not only my personal update blog I do have a picture of a card for you to see. I cased this card from CaraScrapNStamp, she has an etsy account and she posts on Twitter when she has a new card. I have a belated birthday card to send to my aunt so this was quick and easy to do. Hope you enjoy, and as always thanks for looking.