Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hump Day

Good afternoon,

Now I hope I am not giving anyone a heart attack with these three last posts. I know I had been very lazy with posting in the past. But.... part of the reason for my posting so much is kind of a dig at another blogger, you know who you are, that commented that I had not posted for awhile.
Sooooo..... that is why I have been making more of an effort to post daily if not every second day. The card I am showcasing today is one I made at my dear friends Jen Dimarco's house, she was showing us some of the new stamp sets and selling her older retired ones. As you can see we got to play with the new blossom punch, which I have to say was cool, and I ended up purchasing. I also like the Stampin Up boarder punches too! I think the card came out very nicely and will be sending this one off for my Canadian Card Swap for the month of August. Hope the recipient likes it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks for checking in and will catch up again soon,

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