Monday, January 31, 2011

Thankful Tuesday.

I hope everyone is doing well today. I just have a quick
post to share with you. A couple of weeks ago my sister
and I went for lunch on my day off. And as the bill came
she grabbed it and said it was her treat.
Well as most of you know my goal for 2011 is to
try to keep up with all the occasions
for sending cards.
So what a perfect occasion to send a card,
a thank you for a lovely lunch
and such a nice gesture.

Now I have always like that saying "I like/love you a latte"
being that I am such a latte lover. This cute little cup
was cut with my cricut from the smiley card cartridge we
got from the last gypsy update.
The googlie eyes were just dollar store buy, and the stickles on her cheeks
were a dollar buy at Michaels. The stamp is an acrylic stamp
not sure the name. And the paper is from
Me & My Big Ideas specialty cardstock paper pack, and well
as my usual stand by Michaels Recollection. As always
I have used my atg gun for the adhesive. I did something
different on this one for the pop dots. I used some fun foam the
same colour as the paper to pop up the image. I believe it was
from Creations with Christina that came up with that wonderful idea.
Hope you enjoy, I am aiming to put another post for tomorrow
with another card. Have a great day and thanks for looking.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to a Special Little Boy

Hello Everyone,

I hope everybody is enjoying a nice warmer Thursday. And to my American friends I hope that they are mistaken and you don't receive as much snow as they are calling for. This is just a quick post to show you a card that I made for a special little guy that use to be in my care till he went off to school. Ryan was in my care for about 1 to 2 years, can't really remember how long since he was such a sweetheart to care for, always a smiling face. Anyways he turned 6 this past Monday and so I made him this card from the Just Because cricut cartridge. The papers are all Michaels Recollection, the stickles are also Michaels from their dollar spot. Of course the adhesive is my favorite ATG gun and the pop dots are the dollar store. For the smaller pieces I do have to confess I did us a zig pen. Hope you enjoy. And thanks always for looking.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Big Thanks

Hello Everyone,

Just a short post today. It has been very busy around here these days and so I haven't been doing much crafting. I have been reorganizing my craft space which once I am happy with it I will post a few pictures of it. Plus getting laundry caught up and put away. On the weekend though my Dad was very kind to come and hand our family's chandelier. Now I say family's because it was given to my Grandfather as a thank you for helping out a family during a difficult time. Then once it didn't fit into my grandparents home it was passed down to my mother, and now to me. I think it looks very elegant and am happy to have it hanging above my grandparents dinning room set once again. In my own family we have been telling lots of stories about my grandparents and the items we have now acquired from them and Rosie (my youngest) has started to take an interest in the stories and is thinking about the things she would like once they no longer fit into my house. I am thinking that could be a while my dearest daughter.
Anyhow on to the beautiful picture of my new chandelier..........

So thanks so much for the great job done Dad! Excuse me for going off on a proud daughter moment but there has never been a job around my house that he hasn't been willing to help me out with, and that is without complaint about the job at hand. Of course he has other complaints about my house but that is another post, lol. We went to the hardware store and got what we needed (after asking an associate for help) and headed home and he went straight to work. He knew what to do! Dad even was able to find a solution to what we thought was going to include another trip to the hardware store for a new piece. I know he doesn't read my blog but I know that my Mum does and will pass along the praise I am giving him for a job well done. Thanks Dad I love you!! So this card is what I am sending him as well as a thank you because he doesn't read my blog, so shh! Mum don't tell him about the card, lol. I used my new smiley card download on my gypsy. The cardstock is recollections from Michaels, the googlie eyes are from the dollar store, stickles for the lips, swiss dots embossing folder and the background paper was also embossed with a cuttlebug folder but not sure the name (oops), cuttlebug, and of course my gypsy and cricut. The adhesive I used was mono adhesive the liquid type cause of the embossing as well as some pop dots from the dollar store. Hope you enjoy and have a Wicked Wednesday it is all down hill the weekend now!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Fresh Start

Happy New Year everyone,

I apologize for being MIA for so long but have been taking some time to get reorganized both myself and the family. Seems like two weeks off for the kids at Christmas just does a real number on the girls. It is so hard to get them back to routine of bed and homework etc. Plus as some of you know I have returned to weight watchers now as well. That takes a little getting use to, since the plans have all changed. But we are now into our second week of school and weight watchers and the routines are falling back into place.
So to start the New Year I have decided yet again to attempt to make card for every one's birthdays and anniversaries and those other little occasions that fall through the cracks. My exercise plan is to walk the dog for at least one to two 20 to 30 min walks a day. Good for both of us since the vet is calling him a chubby dog now, lol. (Winston did enjoy Christmas too!) I do have a gym membership too but not going to push myself to hard getting back into it cause first off this time of year it is crazy busy and don't want to hurt myself with the dog walking too. My sister and I are going to try zumba this week so that will help ease back into the gym. Who knows it might become a weekly thing. Another thing I want to do this year is more of my crafting. So getting caught up on my scrapbooks so they are up to date. And in doing so hopefully use up my supplies I have and not buying so much till I have used up what I have. And lastly enjoy my family more! Spend more quality time together, and really enjoy the time together. So one thing I am trying to do, schedules allowing is to take my girls skating every Sunday till the rinks close. We will probably do the canal too at some point too, since gotta have at least one beavertail over the winter!
But back to the whole sending out cards each month for birthdays, anniversaries and just because cards. I am happy to report that the first week of January I got my Christmas Thank You cards out. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture so I will have to ask my Mom to take one for me and I will post later in the week. I do however have a picture of a card I did for my cousin's son's birthday. Not sure does he make him my second cousin? Anyway I used my mini monsters cricut cartridge, recollections paper, dollar store flock and glitter, plus of course my ATG gun. The way I got the flock to stick was using my xyron machine to put adhesive over the monster before I flocked. Now this picture doesn't do it proper justice cause the eyes are coated in glossy accents to make them look like goooglie eyes.

Now I don't normally post the inside of my cards. Usually cause I either haven't put anything inside or else it is too personal a message to post online. Today though I am posting the inside because I want to comment on the stamps I used for the sentiment. I have been watching MadebyMomo for awhile and she talks about papertryink stamps and how nice they are. Well I was curious about a die she used ( and I will talk about that at a later date) and saw these cute stamps and thought if Momo likes them, lol. So I ordered them and at first glance I was totally impressed with the time it took to ship plus when they did get here, ( took only a week and that was over New Years), but when I opened the box the stamps come with their own blank cd case to keep them in. I was so impressed with just that that once I stamped with them and saw how clear and beautifully they stamp I am so totally hooked! I will be buying from them again. I hope you have enjoyed and sorry for the extra long post, had a lot to catch up on, hehehe!
Take Care