Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I've been a card making machine!

Hello again, I have to say that since my last post I have been very pleased with myself cause I have been making a real effort to use up my supplies as well and play and learn new techniques. Now one of the coolest new tools I have is new dies for quilled flowers. It took a few tries to get some of the flowers looking the way I wanted them. It has been fun learning and trying different colour combinations.Then I have also found that the new cuttlebug cutting and embossing folder compliments the quilling dies very nicely. As you can see in these three examples, the supplies I used were the cuttlebug quilling flowers die, the cuttlebug embossing and cutting folder, recollections paper, stickles, my glue glider pro, and I believe that was all. I apologize to my other supplies if I have forgotten you (lol).

Now I have to say this one is also one of my favorites cause it is with the same quilling dies but in a flower pot. Same supplies at above but with the addition of the gingham ribbon from Stampin Up.

Alright now for anyone that doesn't know today was my fathers birthday. So of course I had to make him a card. He enjoy playing and watching golf so of course my theme for the card had to be golf. Also as I was showing it off to a friend in the morning she liked it so much, and her husband and her were off to Toronto cause of the Canadian Open, I had to make her one too. So the first card you are about to see is my Dad's birthday card and then my card I made for my friend. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for some more of my creative cards.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Look at me blogging now!

Sorry just a quick post again this afternoon to say I am pretty impressed that with the help of my BFF Jen, that I have been able to get my own signature on the bottom of my posts now. And have to say it is even better than my own written one, lol. I am so pleased that day by day and post by post my blog is looking better and better and more professional.
Hope everyone has a great afternoon.

Hump Day

Hello everyone,I am just writing a quickie post this morning cause first off I haven't had my morning coffee yet and I am sure I will be having parents and kids ringing my doorbell any minute now. The other reason is I was up very late last night finishing up some household chores, laundry mostly. Have I mentioned I love my new dryer!! It is so super cool to wash the clothes we need and be able to wear them later that day cause they are dry, lol. Here is a picture ain't it beautiful.
Anyways the other reason is that there was a call put out by The Pink Stamper for pink cards for a friend of hers in the scrapbooking/cricut commnity that is very sick right now. She has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Not to say that any cancer is good but I just can't imagine how anyone that has had this news handles it. These are the bravest and strongest women and men that I could ever have the pleasure to meet. Anyways, as a show of support to let her know that we are thinking of her and wishing her well in this incredibly hard journey she is about to take Robyn wanted us to all send her cards telling her just this, and letting her know that she is in all our thoughts and that we wish her well. So I just wanted to post a picture of the card I am sending her. Supples are as follows; from my new stash of rubber purchases - My favorite things stamps, some recollections Michaels paper, memento ink, tombow markers, clear stickles, copic markers, the swiss dots cuttlebug embossing folder, nestablities dies, a stamp from Heathers Stamping Haven ( not sure the name). And I think that is all the things I used from my stash. Have to say this picture doesn't do the stickles justice but I have heard that from other bloggers too that stickles do get a raw deal when they are photographed.

Anyways that is all the time I have today the kids are here now and my first cup of coffee is done. I am very excited to play with my other new stamps from My Favorite Things that came this week. So stay tuned to see a picture of that and which ever other cards I can get completed. Heading to the gym tonight so hopefully I am not too tired and sore to play tonight as well. But rest assured that I will be playing in my crafting space while the kids are napping. Have a great day and see you back here really soon!!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Trying New Things

Good Morning Everyone,
So I wanted to say this post is going to be dedicated to a good friend of mine Jen Dimarco. She has a blog for her Stampin Up business ( and had been telling me for a while what fun blogging can be. Plus that my cards are good and I should be showing them off. This card is with a Stampin Up stamp set called Totally Tess. And I tried a new technique which is called paper piercing. That is where you stamp parts of your image on either patterned paper or different coloured paper and then cut it out and apply it to another copy of the image. At first it was something I didn't think I could do since my cutting isn't very steady and I wasn't sure what images I would do it with. Well Tess is perfect for that cause it is like having a little dress up doll since you can use anything you have in your stash of papers as her shirt or pants or both. Have to say when I am not playing with my cricut I do enjoy stamping still and Tess is one of the first stamps I grab. Infact Jen's birthday was a few months back and I had given her a stamped candle shade for the first birthday of hers that we were friends. So candle given has become one of those things we share. I think I even received a candle from her for Christmas. Anyways as I was saying I gave her a stamped candle for her birthday and it was one of those glade flameless candles, with Tess stamped on it. To see that you can go to her blog and have a look.
I do have to say though that trying certain new things is really not such a bad thing to do. I mean so far my blog has been working out really well for me, and I wasnt' sure about sushi before trying it and now it is one of my favorite things to eat out at. And of course referring back to crafts that the paper piercing turned out well too if I do say so myself. So I really hope you get the chance to go by Jens blog cause she is one of the most talented stampers I know, and has some very impressive things on her blog. So take a chance try something new and visit this amazing stamper.
Hope to see you back here real soon