Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Quick Post

Well I am starting to realize now as a Mum that if you say something to your kids they never ever forget! Especially when it is something they enjoy. The reason I say that is cause of course I am on a scrapbooking roll, not only am I getting pages done and in the right album but also I am keeping my craft room in somewhat an orgainzed state. And now I have to leave it to take them skating with friends which I did promise to do. I don't really mind, that much,  because it is good exercise for all of us but I am hoping to get my mojo back once we get home! So what I wanted to do was post a quick picture of the scrapbook page I managed to finish while entertaining Rosie this morning. She is loving to ask the questions from trivia games. Good with her reading and trying to sound out words that she is not familiar with. Anyways this is the pictures from her 6th birthday with some friends. We took them to a beading store so they could make necklaces and then to a Tim Hortons close by for donuts and juice. I am very proud of these pages not only cause I used up some chipboard letters I had but because this was a page I planned out using my Close to My Heart books. The page is a mismatch of papers I had in my stash as well as some Recollections paper from Michaels. I used tons of stickles and of course my ATG gun. I hope you like it, I do have some anxious girls to tend too so have to be going. Enjoy and hope to check back real soon.

P.S. I have covered everyone's faces to keep the kids private, sorry it does take away from the whole image but it is still really nice!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jumping in for a Quick Hi

Hey, so I know I have not been around much. I am trying to organize my scraproom so that I can post a few pictures to the facebook group I joined. People are showing off their rooms and I have to tell you it sure inspires you to tidy up your own. But in saying that there is only so much cleaning one can do in their day before they need to craft a little to balance their lives too. So I am in a scrapbook groove, and have made almost two - two page layouts in the last 12 hours. I am taking a break right now for two reasons, we have been invited to a friends house for dinner to help celebrate a birthday, but also I made this really cute journaling sort of tag that I just had to show off. Lately in my scrapbooking I am all about the bling, which works out well cause my youngest daughter and latest inspiration is all about the bling too! So I hope you enjoy seeing this. When I took the picture it was still a little wet so hoping by the time we get home tonight and the girls to bed it will be dry and I can write the detail of the pictures on it and mount it on my page. Hope you enjoy and are having a scrapy day! Thanks for looking and checking in on me.

P.S. The flower pattern is from a Martha Stewart punch, the glitter is
stickles, the brad is one from my stash not sure the company and the paper is Michaels Recollections. THX

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thanks So Much

Well I am disappointed about the way the weekend went. I was suppose to go to an all day crop and potluck but ended up having to stay home cause we had issues with our car and with the storm we had the day before wasn't sure the roads were something I wanted to tackle. I do hope to be make it to one in the future, as I am trying to catch up on my scrapbooks. I have now organized my scrapbooks on the bookshelf with homemade tags and the date of the pictures inside. Looks really good and I am pleased to be getting somewhat organized. After that was done and because I was unable to make it to the Walmart to pick up my photos so ended up remaking my thank you cards. So here it is used with Recollections paper and a Stampin Up stamp and the Art Philosophy cartridge from Close to my Heart. I do like the roses and am glad that most of these cards don't have to go in the mail.
Thanks as always for looking and hope that you will check back in soon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year New Habits

Well I don't know about anyone else but each year I say I would like to be better organized this year! Now I do have to say with each year I am getting better at it and in some parts it does stick and has become a "good habit". Mind you it does get easier as the kids get older cause they can take over some of those parts, like helping with the laundry has kept us better organized when it gets done and put away. And I have a folder now that I put the school notices, art work, etc in so that they don't get lost and can easily be found when someone asks, usually Rosie, when certain events are coming up. One of the areas I don't have any control or organized in is my craft room. Now in my defense I do share with my girls, and I am not always in there. Plus it does get neglected a lot due to out of sight out of mind and unfortunately life does get in the way of crafting too. So not to say it is a resolution but more of a life style change that is due I would like to try to keep it a little more in order. I won't say that I want to have it completely organized cause it will never happen like that at first. So maybe if I start off small now that it will soon be kept more organized. Plus as the girls get older it will be easier too. So now that I have rambled on what I wanted to do was repost a blog entry that I found on this blog, Kris posted about an article in Scrapbook etc on staying organized. And really after reading it, really it could be used in any room in your house. Hope you enjoy and I am hoping to get some time in my craftroom today so I can get some more thank you cards made. Thanks for looking and hope that everyone is having a great start to their 2012.

How to stay organized...article from Scrapbook Etc.
1. Clean up your space between layouts.
2. Invest in a labeler or create labels using return address labels. Use the labels to identify where your supplies belong.
3. For digital elements, create a filing system on your computer. Tag the different files you download so you can easily search for whatever element you need for a page.
4. Keep your oft-used items close at hand-either in boxes on your work surface-or nearby in a drawer or closet.
5. Purge on a regular basis. It might be hard to let go of some of those old supplies, but you can donate them to day cares, preschools, classrooms, or service
organization where they will be used and appreciated.
6. Commit to an organization system for three months. The only way to learn what works is to experiment. If you commit for a short period of time, you give yourself
mental permission to like or dislike the system without regret.
7. Determine your top three go-to items and store them together so you won't have to dig through your stash.
8. Dedicate a chunk of time to implement the system for ALL your supplies. If you only organize 10% of your supplies, you won't reap the rewards.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Happy New Year

Well it has been a while. But as I am sure you have seen on many other blogs, it is hard to keep up with posts during the holiday season. In saying that I do hope everyone had a lovely holiday with their family and friends. Also hope that the begining of everyone's new year  has been good. Now I have to tell you I have been waiting for confirmation from my parents that they have received my Christmas card before I posted it but unfortunately it has yet to arrive so I am going to post a picture of it now.

Now lastly I have been on to my next project which is thank you cards for my friends and family. For the last couple of years I have been trying to get them out. Sometimes I get them out and other times I haven't. But since I am trying to stay away from the kitchen after dinner working on losing weight with weight watchers again this gave me a great excuse to not only have me time in my craft room but also to stop the after dinner snacking. So here are some very clean and simple thank you cards that I worked on last night. I hope you enjoy these cards. And Mum sorry yours never arrived. Take care and thanks for looking.