Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is it just me or did that weekend go by really quickly. I for sure could have done with a few more hours sleep this morning. Well no use keep going over that since nothing we can do just thank goodness it is a short week this week. Well at least for me, no kids on Friday. Now hope everyone had a good weekend. I found ours was busy and we seemed not to be just sitting around like we have in past weekends. So we had our usual volleyball ( oh which reminds me I have a side story on that), and hip hop dance with Rosie too. And then on Sunday I went to weight watchers and yippee I am down 3lbs. I was expecting a loss but nothing as good as that. So feeling a little more motivated this week to get to the gym and maybe use my exercise bike during the day while the kids have quiet time. Then Chris took us out for brunch at Dennys. I know not the healthiest brunch we could have had but I did make sure to substitute my whole eggs for egg whites so that wasn't too bad. After that I am pleased to say I got some crafting done before we went for an hour skate with the girls. I am pleased to say that I was able to get 2 two page layouts complete. And both were events that took place back in 2010. So I am happy to say that there are two less layouts for me to complete. One of the things I did last week while tidying up in my craft room was to use my tag maker and put dates on my scrapbooks. So now once I have done a layout I can just go to the shelf and pull out the album that the layout belongs in. Looking at the shelf I do need to grab another album or two from Michaels since I only have from 2005 till 2010 done. Since I am not a chronological scrapbooker  and really just scrapbook in phases it helps to have the albums up to date so that no matter what event and when I am working on at least it has an album to go in. So I have pictures of both these events and be warned they are not typical colours for the events that I am scrapping but... I do have girls and so they colours they do wear on our outing don't always coordinate with the typical colours of the event, if that makes any sense. The layouts were taken from the close to my heart books for layouts, and the papers are random patterned paper from my stash as well as recollections from Michaels. I also used stickles in a lot of the layouts, and my ATG gun. I hope you enjoy and thanks for checking in. I appreciate it!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

As Promised

..... here is the pictures of when I went to Hobby Lobby with my Mum for the first time. The location was the one in Florida. About 45 mins.  away from Tampa.  I had heard so much about the hobby lobbies from other crafters on their blogs and youtube videos that when I learned there was one close to where we would be I had to check it out. So here is a picture of me in front of the store.

  I could not believe how large it is, unfortunately the others we were with weren't as enthusiastic about the store so I only had and hour to walk around. And let me tell you I didn't even cover half of it in that time. Now mind you I was on a mission for scrapbook stuff that we can't get back home. Plus I know there will another time that I will get back down there and maybe spend a little more time, and check out their faux flowers and gardening section. I do have to tell you before posting the haul I had from Hobby Lobby that I did pick up a picture frame as well but wasn't sure it would survive the ride on the plane so did get left with my parents to bring back. So here is my haul from Hobby Lobby. That punch there on the right is for making 3D flowers, and on the far left there is an embossing folder. And the middle is stickers all about girls, but not the cutiesy ones that you would expect for baby girls. There is also some new pieces for my sew easy tool, and coloured bakers twine which I have not been able to get here. I hope you have enjoyed looking at my new toys, and I hope to be able to get down to my craft room this weekend and create a thing or two to show off. Thanks for checking in and hope to catch up soon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Wow I can't believe how fast these weeks are going by. I know I owe a few pictures of the hobby lobby purchases, and they will come soon. But as for today I wanted to post the lovely card I received from my Mum and Dad for Valentines day. I have not asked her but I believe that she used some spellbinders nestibilities for the circle. And looks like maybe a cuttlebug embossing folder for the little hearts too. Maybe a Martha Stewart punch for that top bubble cut out. There also looks like some red and white bakers twine in there too behind the sentiment. And she has done some faux stitching in there too. I was very pleased to receive this and hope that they both are having a warm nice Valentines day in sunny Florida.

Now as any parent knows in the schools they usually hand out Valentines. And as it should be that if you are not handing out to everyone you should not hand out any at all. Well my girls and their friends have come to not really expect but look forward to the treats that we send for these occasions. And as I do believe if they don't give to everyone they don't bring any, so this year we had to make 51 treats for the classes. That did include the teachers of course. But really I don't mind too much since I do enjoy making them and the girls love bring them for everyone. Now both of these were made with the create a critter cartridge, some recollections paper, my pink stamper stamps, memento ink, and some stickles. Oh and the treat bags were in the dollar bin at michaels. Now unfortunately Katie's frog ones did not come out very clear as I was trying to snap a picture of it as she was putting them away and so it says toadally awesome.

So I hope you have enjoyed these pictures and I hope to get back to a more regular posting schedule. Now that the holidays and travel are all done there are tons of scrapbooking stuff to catch up on. Hope to catch you back here soon. Take care and thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Back from Sunny Florida

Well I can't believe how fast a week came and went. For those of you that didn't know last week I left with my sister to visit my parents in Florida for a few days. We were very fortunate that my Aunt was able to join us too. Since my parents are in an RV my sister, aunt and I all had to share a hotel room. That was a fun experience. Here is the view from our balcony. It was in North Redington Beach. We were actually right on the beach but not beach view.

But we did have a walk along the beach. The seagulls were funny cause all the black gulls were on one side and the white ones on the other. Here are a couple of different views. Now I know this is not really craft related. So tomorrow I will post my haul of stuff that I picked up while having my first visit to Hobby Lobby. Hope you all have a great day. And thanks for checking in with me. Chat soon.