Thursday, February 16, 2012

As Promised

..... here is the pictures of when I went to Hobby Lobby with my Mum for the first time. The location was the one in Florida. About 45 mins.  away from Tampa.  I had heard so much about the hobby lobbies from other crafters on their blogs and youtube videos that when I learned there was one close to where we would be I had to check it out. So here is a picture of me in front of the store.

  I could not believe how large it is, unfortunately the others we were with weren't as enthusiastic about the store so I only had and hour to walk around. And let me tell you I didn't even cover half of it in that time. Now mind you I was on a mission for scrapbook stuff that we can't get back home. Plus I know there will another time that I will get back down there and maybe spend a little more time, and check out their faux flowers and gardening section. I do have to tell you before posting the haul I had from Hobby Lobby that I did pick up a picture frame as well but wasn't sure it would survive the ride on the plane so did get left with my parents to bring back. So here is my haul from Hobby Lobby. That punch there on the right is for making 3D flowers, and on the far left there is an embossing folder. And the middle is stickers all about girls, but not the cutiesy ones that you would expect for baby girls. There is also some new pieces for my sew easy tool, and coloured bakers twine which I have not been able to get here. I hope you have enjoyed looking at my new toys, and I hope to be able to get down to my craft room this weekend and create a thing or two to show off. Thanks for checking in and hope to catch up soon.

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