Monday, July 12, 2010

Trying New Things

Good Morning Everyone,
So I wanted to say this post is going to be dedicated to a good friend of mine Jen Dimarco. She has a blog for her Stampin Up business ( and had been telling me for a while what fun blogging can be. Plus that my cards are good and I should be showing them off. This card is with a Stampin Up stamp set called Totally Tess. And I tried a new technique which is called paper piercing. That is where you stamp parts of your image on either patterned paper or different coloured paper and then cut it out and apply it to another copy of the image. At first it was something I didn't think I could do since my cutting isn't very steady and I wasn't sure what images I would do it with. Well Tess is perfect for that cause it is like having a little dress up doll since you can use anything you have in your stash of papers as her shirt or pants or both. Have to say when I am not playing with my cricut I do enjoy stamping still and Tess is one of the first stamps I grab. Infact Jen's birthday was a few months back and I had given her a stamped candle shade for the first birthday of hers that we were friends. So candle given has become one of those things we share. I think I even received a candle from her for Christmas. Anyways as I was saying I gave her a stamped candle for her birthday and it was one of those glade flameless candles, with Tess stamped on it. To see that you can go to her blog and have a look.
I do have to say though that trying certain new things is really not such a bad thing to do. I mean so far my blog has been working out really well for me, and I wasnt' sure about sushi before trying it and now it is one of my favorite things to eat out at. And of course referring back to crafts that the paper piercing turned out well too if I do say so myself. So I really hope you get the chance to go by Jens blog cause she is one of the most talented stampers I know, and has some very impressive things on her blog. So take a chance try something new and visit this amazing stamper.
Hope to see you back here real soon

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  1. **BLUSH** Holy totally super sweet and a fantastic surprise!!! Your gifts have always been so thoughtful an amazing. I love the tess candle and display it I do the other one..with the partylite candle and stamped lamp shade. You're an awesome fantastic friend I am so proud to have!! Thanks to you...after many years of hmmming and hawwing I now own a Scor-Pal!

    ((HUGS)) My dear bff Amy.

    You are and always have been an amazingly talented stamper and artist and I'm so happy that you share your talents with me.