Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Weekend

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely relaxing Saturday. We here had a great time, I introduced the girls to a book market. For those of you that are not sure what that is, it is a place where you can take your gently used and loved books. Kind of like a consignment store for books. And in return you can either take the money from the books or else reinvest in some new books. Now Rosie just loves books, so she decided to reinvest in some new books. Katie was a little hesitant but did find two that she was interested in. After exploring the book market we headed to Canadian Tire for some house repair items. Then to top of a day of errands we went to my favorite place, Starbucks.
So now that I have told you about our day, I will tell you a little about the craft project I was working on. As some of you know I run a home daycare, and so I always have a child's birthday coming up at some time or another. Anyways this was a gift for a little boy in my care that was turning 3 this month. His mother had commented about starting to work with him on recognizing his letters and numbers and colours. So as a small gift I made and ABC book. I know normally you can just buy these types of books but unfortunately there is so many things on the page for each letter that kids sometimes get confused. And so I picked up a little 8x8 scrapbook and made a page with one image for each letter. All the die cuts were made with my cricut and outlined with my white gel pen. The adhesive I used was a combination of zig two way glue, xyron sticker maker and also my ATG gun. The cartridges I used were Create a Critter, Planton Schoolbook, and Paper Doll Dress Up. So now here is the letter A. Hope you enjoy, thanks for checking in once again and looking forward to see you again!


  1. That is a very nice idea to make for your daycare kidlets.....what are you going to do for the "C".....CRICUT.......
    Where you able to get any credits for your magazines at the book market?

  2. Well the girls and I had books and my magazines to take in and in total we dropped off about 74 books and recieved $11.74 to reinvest in the store. No C was not going to be cricut.