Friday, August 26, 2011


Hello my friends,

Well not only are we excited that it is Friday here at our house but it is also the last day of work till our vacation. The family this year is taking a trip to Maine, and are hoping the hurricane Irene changes her mind from doing the same!
Now the card I have to show you today was inspired by Loganscraftymomma cause I was watching one of her youtube videos where she had out her colouring pencils. And secondly was this is a set my mother gave up when they downsized their living space. This set is a Stampin Up set called Blooming with Love. Now I am not sure about all the papers, I think they are also Stampin Up but am not 100% sure. I do know for sure though that the ribbon is grosgrain and is Stampin Up. I used my Prisma colouring pencils, and my usually adhesive, as well as the stamping was done with India Ink. I hope you enjoy and I hope that whoever I send this too also enjoys the card. It is the end of the week and the weekend is finally here, enjoy yourselves and hopefully there is some time for you to stamp too!
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  1. That card turned out really nice you sure ended up with some of my best stamps when we downsized, one day I will come and play in your craftroom and perhaps use them again. I hope you have a great vacation, and Irene is long gone with little damage by the time you reach Maine. Looking forward to seeing all your picture when you get back......Love Mum