Sunday, August 28, 2011

SOS Hurricane Amy

Help! Now have to say I am embarrassed to show these pictures, but I am in desperate need for some help. My craft room is a little out of control right now. Between my 10 year old and 71/2 year old ( as she keeps reminding me), having free use of it over the summer, plus my mothers contributions because of her downsizing. I have lost complete and utter control and organization down there. I wanna get back down there and work on some projects, and make it a more friendly and workable space. Now the dimensions are about 15x20. It is a corner in my unfinished basement so I don't have proper ceilings or walls. The only thing that is separating it from the other part of the basement are shower curtains and bookshelves. My other thing is I have put myself on a shopping ban like Loganscraftymomma did cause I want to use what I have so I don't really want to have to purchase anything to achieve a tranquil place if I can help it. But am willing to add a few organizational products to create the tranquil organized spaces I have seen all you talented ladies showing off on youtube and your blogs. Any help is greatly appreciated and hope to keep you updated on these project clean up. I will pass along any tips I have learned as well. Thanks for any help and suggestions I appreciate them all!

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