Sunday, August 28, 2011

Restful Sunday

Good day,
I don't have the B page to show you today thought I might break up the pages so not to just go through the alphabet with you, since pretty sure everyone knows it, lol. What I do have for you to see is this lovely card I made at Jen's open house back in July. I believe that we used most of the new in colours and the label punch. She also gave us a very useful tip that I am going to pass on to you all. When stamping an image like the flowers that has a larger surface with ink then you need to hold the stamp down to the paper with the even pressure and a few minutes longer than you would normally do. And you end up with a very clean crisp image. Thanks Jen!! Well this has been short and sweet and hope you enjoyed.
Thanks for checking in,

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  1. Great tip thanks for sharing! I do know my alphabet but some days I'm so scatterbrained that you never know... I might need a refresher course ;) *LOL*