Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wet Tuesday

What a yucky dull day. Cloudy and cold not a great combination but have to say happier that it is rain than snow. So not a lot  going on here other than everyone is starting to get bored inside. I think we are going to have to make some room in the basement and bring some bikes down there to burn off some energy. Plus we do have to start working on our printing and recognition of ABC's.

As for now I have been getting things ready for the workshop while the kids are doing various things. Today was I supervising the dancing while rolling the paper for the quilled wreath on this card. There is where the quilling took place. I am going to quill the pieces and the ladies can assemble them in the wreath.

Here is another card that I am going to have for the ladies to purchase it is the same as yesterdays but with different colours. I just forgot to give a few detail yesterday about the card. As it does look embossed it is actually just a sticker that is an outline that I coloured, cut out and popped up on foam on the card. The scalloped border is Stampin ups and the saying is a stamp I snagged out of the dollar bin at Michaels. I hope everyone is having a good day and hope you enjoyed the and see you back her soon.


  1. I love this design, the wreath is adorable.
    Our weather was also lousy, cold and wet, but I have to say that I would rather the snow to rain! It was just so wet and cold yesterday, that I thought with the snow we would be cold but not completely soaked too...lol :)

  2. LOL Cheryl that is too funny I am completely the opposite I prefer the rain to the snow. Thanks the wreath was from a quilling kit I got from a local craft store.