Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Again!

I  mean we all new it was coming yet again just wasn't really ready for it, lol. So the cards for the workshop are chosen and now it is only a matter of getting them cut and bagged up. Now of course I don't have enough to do with getting ready for the workshop I decided to do more. One of the things I thought I would do is make up a few extra cards with all my spare time and offer the ladies those to purchase if they like, along with some address labels that I made up to dress up the envelopes too. I hope everyone enjoys but I am prepared to use them on my own envelopes if they don't, lol. Thanks for checking in and talk to everyone soon.


  1. ooooh.....I really like that card with the Christmas trees.
    I used to make address labels especially for Christmas cards it makes them look so special.

  2. Thanks Mum if I had had the patience I would have liked to make one where they were embossed instead of just embossed stickers, lol.