Friday, November 25, 2011

Friendly Fridays

Well the week has finally come to and end. Also the voting for my Christmas card workshop closes tonight and I will know what cards I need to prepare for the class by which cards people like. It is kind of exciting cause I know I have my favorites but to see what you ladies prefer will be good too. Not sure about anyone else but this will be a busy weekend. The weather man says it will be double digits for the temperature so hoping to get my husband up the ladder to do the Christmas lights. Then there is also volleyball practices and dance class. The girls are going to love it once I tell them but I am also going to need help with the Christmas decorations in prep for my class and the Christmas Season. I would not normally have the house dolled up before Dec 01st but since the first is a week day I am mellowing to the idea. I will post pictures of the house decorated on a later date.
Here is my new card holder displaying the cards that the card workshop will vote on. I hope you enjoy and if you want a closer look at any one card you can view in the later posts. Have a wonderful weekend thanks for checking in I really appreciate the support.


  1. All the cards are really nice I don't know how they are going to pick. Hope you all enjoy the card making.

  2. What a fun way of displaying your beautiful cards :) I have been mulling the idea of decorating too...I am looking forward to seeing all of your decorations, Tfs