Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm Sorry

 Well I have to apologize for not posting yesterday, I do have a few good reasons. Of course I am not going to sit here and list them of course. I do have to tell you I was moved to tears at the wonderful Rememberance Day ceremony at the girls school. One of my favorite parts aside from hearing my beautiful girls singing was the fact that it was so full of parents. The seating was full so it was only standing room at the back of the gym. Also it was wonderful to see that so many cultures can come together on such an important day and celebrate the veterans that sacrificed for all of us. Thank you, and as my husband put it I can't remember or even know what veterans did for us but I will never forget what they have given up for me to be able to have my freedom!!!
 Alright now that I have said my little piece on to the crafty stuff. I am happy to see such a wonderful response to my Christmas card workshop in Dec. I am hoping since my numbers are growing that I will have enough seating. Since I did miss posting yesterday i do have two cards for you today to look at. The first one has a cute little Santa which was cut with the cricut. He has not been glittered as of yet I was hoping for some feedback as too if anyone thinks he needs it or if we should leave him unglittered. Card number two is one that I am fond of myself. She is also cut from the cricut and as you can see she is having a good time making her snow angel. Unfortunately what you don't see in the picture is that she wobbles while making it. I hope you enjoy the cards today and do promise to have another one tomorrow. The other thing I will be adding to my posts are the crafty little items I am making for the school's Christmas Bazaar. I appreciate everyone for checking in and hope that all is well where you are. Thank you!!

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