Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Starting to look a lot like Christmas

Hello Everyone,

Well it is starting to look a lot like Christmas around our house at least. The girls this year are really excited about Christmas and so have been asking me about putting up the Christmas decorations since December first when we started the advent calendar. So here is a picture of our Christmas tree, which I must say is looking very nice and is a real tree. Plus our advent calendar which the girls adore doing each night. I have been looking for weeks for things to put in it. Rosie's favorite is when I have sticky notes placed all over the house and they have to hunt for the little gift. She doesn't care what it is as long as she has to follow clues to find it. Next is my favorite of my Christmas decorations is this tree I purchased one year from Partylite, the branches spin as the tea lights in the base burn. The last picture, I promise, is of my little ceramic village, this is the first year I have been able to put it on display. Without fear of someone touching and breaking it. Even though I have had it for years. And in saying that I don't have fear this year of someone touching it I really mean from the daycare cause one of Rosie's things she likes to do is make the little people walk around and talk to each other. So here are the photos.

So that is a few of my favorite (Christmas) things. And I do know I owe you guys a Christmas card also. This latest card was inspired by watching Cardcrazy09 on youtube, it is similar to hers, what is different is I used this really cool paper I picked up that is velvet and soft. And the paper is out of the DCVW holiday paper stack. As always used my stickles, atg gun, dollar store pop dots, Micheals Recollections paper, and my circut cartridge Winter Frolic. I did design it on the gypsy, since I am finding it much more convenient than getting out all the cartridges these days, plus I can sit and design while the girls are doing their homework. Hope you enjoy and see you back here tomorrow for some more Christmas Cheer.

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