Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Day 3 - Another Christmas Card

Hello Ladies,

Well we are now on day three of my Christmas Cards, I am not sure how long with will go or how many I will get posted. Here for todays card it was taking directly from Chris416ward from youtube. The basic colour and patterned paper looks about the same too. I loved her creation so much I had to do the same. And I have to say all my friends loved making this card too. I should have followed in her footsteps and had everyone use a pair of tweezers to help put it all together. Thank you very much Christina for this wonderfully
adorable card. Hope you all enjoy it too.

( As a side note I just wanna say I am hoping to figure out one day soon how to do the pictures so they are no on their sides or upside down, or even backwards, lol, cause have to say this was my third attempt of having this picture straight for you all, have a great day!)