Monday, October 18, 2010

The Things That Make You Smile

Good Afternoon,

Well this is going to be a really quick post, cause I have tons to do this
afternoon in a very small napping window. So this morning I am a little tired from my all weekend ladies scrapbooking retreat. Which was really fun.We got some wonderful gifts from the organizers, and I will post these at the bottom of this post. But the reason I wanted to post is kind of funny. I know my lovely furry companion was a little mopey while I was gone this past weekend. So I expected him to be very happy to have me home. Well this morning he was happy but then he started to whine at the door to the basement stairs. Couldn't for the life of me figure it out. My first thought was oh no there must be an animal down there. So contacted my husband at work and asked him where the mouse traps were and what I should put in them, cause the dog was at the basement door and acting all weird. Well he said about putting peanut butter in the trap, but before doing that why not see if there is food down there or his toy or something like a candle left on first before jumping to the conclusion that it was an animal. Easy for him to say, I am the one that is not a big fan or rodents in our house or any kind of animal than the domestic ones we have. So I opened the door and of course Winston ( my Cocker- Spaniel) went running down there like he was running from a burning house. Well once I got down there this is what I found.
Apparently he felt the need to do some laundry, lol. So basically there is no
animals in my basement just a dog in the need of some household chores.
But seriously, for some reason he feels the need to jump into my dryer and
steal my dryer balls. You know the ones that looks like it could be a dog toy
all with little plastic spikes on it that are suppose to act like fleecy sheets
without the sheet part. Anyways this was something that gave me a
giggle and thought I would share. Hope everyone else had a wonderful
weekend and will be posting a few pics from me weekend later.
Take Care

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