Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gotta Love Short Weeks

Well Good Morning,

I am not sure about anyone else but these are the mornings that make me wanna just stay in my pjs under the covers. It is funny cause one of the little guys I watch during the day wanted to come in his pjs one morning. Which thinking back now would have been a perfect for a day like today. It is dull and deary out. Raining overnight and the ground is still wet. Plus with a fall chill in the air. Oh well thinking when there is no chance I am going to have to walk to the school to pick up the girls is when we will have a pj day with our favorite stuffed animals and lots of cuddles and stories.
Now as most of you know fall and winter are not my favorite times of year. Sure we get more time to scrapbook and craft in the house plus the holidays are more fun in the fall and winter. Plus the added bonus of the kids back in school. And sure for those people out there that like to decorate their houses it is good too. Well in saying that I have to say I am very proud of my new addition for my dinning room table. I had been putting a lovely bowl of fruit (plastic, cause saves on the fruit flies) on it to keep the places looking neat and pretty. Which looks very good and health conscious to anyone that comes. Cause it looks like we have fruit in the house. Unfortunately the kids are thinking that they are good too and wanting to eat them and I am constantly saying that the grapes are not real and to get down off the table. So to make a short story long here is a picture of my new centerpiece.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. Our family had a very lovely time at my sister and brother-in-laws house. The table was festively decorated and the turkey was very tender and delicious. I was very thankful there was leftovers that we were able to bring home. Again there I go making a short story long. I just wanted to give a little something for everyone at our table and show my sister and brother in-law that we appreciate them hosting so I made these little boxes for every ones place setting. Hope you enjoy. Have to say my husband enjoyed his so much he also enjoyed mine too!! As always thanks for looking and have a good day.

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