Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Crafts

So, there was a video on youtube that I watched that was demonstrating the rolled flowers you can make from the Art Philosophy cartridge that Close to My Heart sells. And she showed a lovely wreath she made using these rolled flowers. Well you know me I figured how hard could that be. So last weekend I went and picked up some of the empty wreaths and some pastel paper 12x12 paper. Then started to cut out the flowers on my cricut. I think the longest part of the process, which this youtuber didn't mention was the inking of the flowers and waiting for the glue to dry. Now of course I could have used hot glue to make the flowers but didn't think they needed to be that secure. Rosie was looking for stuff to do and always likes to help me when I am up to my elbows in a  large crafting project, so I let her ink the edges of the flowers. Then as she was done them I  rolled and glued them. We both ended up with coloured fingers, lol. Once they were dry I was able to hot glue them to the wreath ring. Now I am not very good at doing the random placement of things, so I did find this a little out of my comfort zone cause it did worry me to make sure I didn't have too many clumps of the same flower touching. But as you can see below I didn't do too badly of a job to keep them spread out. I hope you enjoyed your weekend and I really appreciate you stopping by and checking in on me. Presently I am making a wreath for my sister and will post how that one turns out tooo.

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