Monday, December 12, 2011

Well what a busy weekend. Everyone is well again so we had volleyball and dance and Christmas shopping that needed to be done. And then on top of that we realized that Katie's boots needed to be exchanged cause the bottoms fell off. Rosie's were so ripped in the front that her socks were getting wet and so we needed to get her some new ones too. Mind you if the weather keeps working in my favour there won't be a need to worry about them staying dry cause we won't have snow to make them wet! Just a quick post cause I am behind on my Christmas cards and really need to get the last couple done so they make it before Christmas. This is a little craft that the boys did last week. It was just three different sizes of foam circles with some smaller foam circles for eyes and a foam triangle for a nose. And the buttons were of course in my stash and the same with the ribbon. I think the kids enjoyed. Too nice of a day today to keep them inside so they will probably play in the backyard instead of crafting today but tomorrow is suppose to rain so hope to have a post tomorrow with some more kids crafts. Maybe even post one or two of my cards if I can get some done. Thanks for looking and I appreciate you checking in.


  1. The snowmen are really did you attach the circles together?
    I am suffering some withdrawal now that all my Christmas cards are finished. Guess I better start think about the future.
    Valentines Day cards!!! <3

  2. Oh I ended up using fishing wire to attach the circles together. I find I have a hard time letting the kids put things like the buttons on their own cause my vision of how it should look is different from theirs but I don't think they did too badly. Funny you say that you are having crafting withdrawl cause I am starting to miss my scrapbooks and can't wait to finish up the last few so I can scrapbook some pictures.