Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Slow but Steady

Well I know I have missed posting yesterday and I honestly had full intention to do so till I was struck by a headache in the afternooon. I just couldn't sit at the computer screen and wait for the pictures to load, so I will do that today. Honestly I am not sure what brought it on but I have heard that many people yesterday were experiencing aches and pains yesterday as well. I have to wonder if we all had a built in alarm that is trying to tell us all that the not so nice weather is coming. Starting tonight into tomorrow we suppose to be getting ice pellets and anywhere from 2 to 10 cms of snow. Which means tomorrow it could be a little crowded at home. So you might see a post from me or not, have to wait it out and see.
Anyhow I took a little time from making my cards for the ladies to make at the workshop to try a recipe for 16 cards out of three pieces of 12x12 paper. Since I am in Christmas card mode that is the theme my cards too. I did use basically the same ink through out the whole set of cards, and that was close to my hearts juniper and tulip. The patterned paper and the blue paper is from the stack Tis the Season from DCWV. I believe it was purchased last year. The cream coloured card stock that was used for the image and the base is Recollections from Michaels. The images and sentiments are a combination of Stampin Up, Close to my heart, and the dollar bin at Michaels. I hope you enjoy.

Now I am sure that you are wondering if I have made all these cards and have also made the sample Christmas cards for the workshop exactly how many people do I send cards too? Lo,l honestly I really wanted to try this recipe for the 16 cards and have though since finishing them that what I would do is see if any of the ladies at the workshop want to buy them and then if not I will send some to the people on my list that are not as wow'd by homemade cards and then also some in a package of cards I make for my in-laws each year. Both my mother in a law and my husbands aunt enjoys sending out homemade cards. I think they both like being able to say that their daughter or neice in a law made them. So again I hope you enjoyed this post and I am going to try and get some more cards done tonight to post tomorrow. I appreciate you looking and hope to see you again soon.


  1. All your cards are so sweet...I love that little snow man in the back! I love how you have used all the same coloured paper for your cards and then just change it up a little for each one. I love them all...tfs

  2. Thanks Cheryl, the idea and the recipe for doing this came from the Close to My Heart card book. I find it a great resource when I am in creative block mode