Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Post Halloween

Good Morning,

Hope not too many of us are waking up to a sugar coma headaches. I really think the kids enjoyed themselves and am so pleased that the weather turned out so nice for our little trick or treaters. As always our two went door to door with their Dad and have a fabulous time. Rosie never wants to go as long as Katie and Chris do but wants the benefit of the candy. Can't believe either it seems those little goblins start earlier and earlier each year.  I just wanted to post a couple of pics from our Halloween, the first one is of our girls picking out their pumpkins. Next up is the transformation from pumpkin to scary jack-o-lanterns. Very pleased this year that the girls have started to clean and cut their own so that Chris and I can avoid the mess. But of course we are the ones left cleaning up. Our next picture up is my little Halloween trick or treater that I am very pleased to have scored at Michaels a few weeks ago. And of course lastly is a pic of my two little goblin's. Thanks for checking in and that you and yours had a safe and Happy Halloween.

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  1. I am glad that the girls had such a fun time. They did a good job on their pumpkins too. Now with Halloween done, time to concentrate on getting the Christmas cards started.
    Hope we get so see some of them.
    Enjoy the rest of your week....