Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rainy Day

Hello all,
    Boy sure am missing that lovely sun and warm weather we had back last weekend! Guess fall has really started. Before we know it the clocks will have to be turned back and we will be getting up in the dark and having dinner in the dark too. Oh well it just gives us a reason to craft and have the fireplace on. And sip hot chocolate while looking at blogs. I have a picture of the turkey soup I made from scratch that the kids loved, but it is still on my camera have not transferred it over yet. As the girls said it was really good but to them it could have been saltier. I will post more about it tomorrow when I upload the pictures. What I do have to show you today is more pictures of the ABC book I made for the kids. Looking back at the pictures have to say I am disappointed that the glitter that is on some of them has not come up on the image as well as it does in person. I hope you have been enjoying anyways. Thanks for looking and I appreciate you coming back and checking on me.

P.S. We did get an update on the travelling duo and things are going well. Past the worst part which is the mountains. Am glad that they do seem to be enjoying themselves. And the dogs seem to be ok with the driving too.

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  1. Will the F be for Florida........I really like the white stitching around the letters. You should be proud the books are turning out really great.