Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hump Day

Good Morning,
  Today I have a few more pictures of my ABC book to show you. My girls really enjoyed helping in the process of these, and Rosie loved to guess what I would for each animal. There were many discussions as to what should be made for each letter. Since I wasn't spelling the word for each image I didn't want to make anything that wasn't too well known. I forgot to add yesterday that the stitching on the letters is just done with my white signo gel pen. The page size was 8x8 and the letters were cut at 3 inches and the images for the letters were between 2 and 3 inches. They were all produced on my gypsy and cricut.

  I have really enjoyed making these books and hope you are enjoying seeing my creation. I forgot to mention that the girls and I have also been working at getting our scrapbook room under control and will be soon ready to show off a few pictures of it too. As I am writing this have not heard from my Mum and Dad as too how they are doing on the road but will keep you updated and information comes available. Thanks for checking in, and catch up soon.

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