Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Tasks

Good morning,
Well today is going to be a catch up day. To me that means getting the jobs done that have been put off with school starting and holidays. One of the tasks was to show you my blogger friends and family some pictures of our vacation that I had mentioned before leaving. Sorry they are not craft ones but they will come, I promise.  Some of you know I packed the family up and we went to Maine for a few days. At first we thought our vacation was going to have to be cancelled due to Hurricane Irene that had a path up to where we were going to be. Lucky for us she was slowed down by the coast and was redirected to a different state. Now there were some seaweed on the beaches when we were there and power problems before we arrived. But all in all the weather was great and everything was cleaned up before we arrived. The pictures below is the sign that Rosie kept asking about since she wanted a picture for her scrapbook, and then followed is the girls in front of the sign of the beach we were at that day. They both were happy to stand there since it was at the end of the visit and both were very tired since we had been at the beach for about 5 hours. I am hoping to download a few more pictures for tomorrows post before I get back into showing off my crafts and hopefully my progress in organizing my craft room. Thanks for checking on me and hope to see you back here soon.

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