Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally Friday

Good morning,

Well just a quick post for today, cause today is my day off and I have no kids and lots to do. I wanna get a workout in, maybe get a haircut, and then the best part of a day off, doing sushi with my Mum!!! So I think I am going to have to work on a new scrapbook page about some of my favorite little obsessions and possessions. I have to admit I have been a very bad crafter this week and have neglected some of my best acrylic and rubber friends. Plus I sure hope Cricut is going to talk to me too! LOL, only the cricut crafters will get that joke. And all of it is due to this little guy........ I knew I wanted one for certain obvious reasons. Cause as the ad goes "if you don't have an iphone you don't have an iphone!" And I always wondered the obsession about "the apps". But did not realize what I was missing out on by not having one. So needless to say I have been giving a lot of attention to this little guy. And learning as much as I can about him. I am hoping to get in my craft room on the weekend, maybe even download and use a craft app or two, lol. I hope you have not minded my non craft related app ( opps post!), and hope to have something papery and beautiful for you soon. Thanks for looking and hope to meet back here soon.
Thanks again,