Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Creations for the Bazaar

Hello Everyone,
This must be some sort of record for me, posting three times within one or two weeks. I think some of that is cause with making items for the bazaar is getting me in the crafting mood plus with having kicked this cold to the curb helps. So these were very popular last year for the bazaar and was always a hit when I would send them to the girls classes. So most demonstrators either Stampin Up or CTMH will know this but for anyone that hasn't made them before they are basically a decorated envelope. Which is sealed and cut in half so they are like two pockets. Which then you put a package of hot chocolate mix, some mini marshmallows, and a candy cane or other peppermint type candy. Now depending on your style you can decorate anyway you please, I tend to pull out my snowflake Stampin Up rolling stamp and decorate the whole envelope with it in blue. Then have a focal image of a snowman or other Christmas images I have. I hope you enjoy and will see you back here soon for pictures of the cards I am going to do for my Christmas card workshop.

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