Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Good Morning Everyone,

Well unfortunately it looks like it is also going to be a Wet Wednesday cause the clouds are moving in and we are suppose to be expecting 20mm of rain. Had I know this I would have saved my Thanksgiving Day craft for the kids for today rather than yesterday. Mind you it is always nice to have a quiet activity planned for when the baby is sleeping. Now some may think is she crazy painting with two three year old and two two year olds but really done in shifts and supervised painting worked out really well. I dont' think I had any paint on the floor or walls. Which makes for a very successful painting day, lol.

(As a side track for just a minute I have to say I love my job, when I have days like yesterday. All the kids were in a good mood. Everyone was pretty much healthy, meaning I wasn't running around blowing everyone's nose. The kids loved the craft and being able to glue and paint. And to top it when we had our circle time, read our books, and sang our favorite songs it warmed my heart to hear them laugh. Then at the end of the day when you have them give you a big hug, and say "Amy I lub you", you know that you have done a good job.)

Alright that was my little sucky moment, now on to the crafts. So I have this preschool book of songs, and stories and activities that I have been trying to use to be a little more pro-active in the kids learning. Or at least keep them from arguing and getting bored in the house from all the rainy cold days we have been having this past month. So since we are getting close to Thanksgiving I thought it would be fun to have the kids make a turkey to take home. Now I remember in school making the turkey out of a paper plate. But I wan't mine to be a bit different so I looked in my preschool activity book and found a toilet paper roll turkey. Using a traced image of the kids hands as the tail feathers. So we traced the kids hands and cut them out so the kids could decorate them with some watered down tempera paint. Then we glued them to the roll with some google eyes and a paper beak. Here is my sample along with the kids ones they made.

Now that I have shown off my preschoolers crafting abilities, I would like to show you a card that I have made to send off to my Great Aunt and Uncle in London England. This of course was made using my cricket, my ATG glue gun, Peachy Keen Stamps, some Michaels Recollection Paper,a stamp from Michaels dollar spot (sorry do not know manufacturer), and a piece of paper from the K&Company Halloween Paper Stack. Now I apologize if I have missed any other supplies because all my tools and supplies are well loved. I am hoping to get it in the mail tonight and that it gets to them by Halloween. Hope everyone enjoys and see you back here soon.


  1. This card turned out really neat, did you have to add the fangs yourself?

  2. Yes I had to draw the fangs myself cause my new stamp set from Peachy Keen Stamps had not yet arrived.