Monday, January 28, 2013

January What?

     It has been a crazy month. I have had this post on my to do list for a few weeks now, but it has been so busy around here. So many changes going on that it keeps getting moved to the bottom of my list. To start out my job has changed and I have been offered full time not the part time I was working. This has come sooner than I ever expected so it has been a balancing act trying to fit things in. As many of you know that means crafting gets moved to the bottom of the list. Today is the first day I have really been able to sit down in my craft room undisturbed to have a look at what needs to be done. Unfortunately my youngest daughter has been keeping my crafting room company while I have been away. Which as you may expect means there is tons of organizing and tidying up to be done. Plus there is all the Christmas card stuff that needs to be put away from the rush of the season. One of my projects that is going to be an ASAP project is going to be a card organizer. My Aunt needed mine more than I did so I am in the process of making a new one. So once it is completed I will show you the results. What I do have to show you is these lovely roses I was able to make using a new cartridge I purchased on one of my days off last week. I have been eyeing the big flower cricut cartridge for awhile and finally thought I had been good with my purchasing and it was on sale. I have to say there is a learning curve with these flowers. And depending on your preference there are many ways to put them together. I did use white fast drying glue which helps, but it is all in how you play with the paper too. Breaking the fibers seems to make a difference in how easy it is to shape them. Hope you enjoy, and hope to see you back here soon.

P.S. The paper was all Recollections.

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