Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thoughtful Tuesday

Good Morning,

Well hope everyone had a good weekend. I have to apologize cause this post was suppose to be done yesterday cause I was going to catch you all up from my weekend. Unfortunately I was busy on the weekend and some of the weekend jobs had to be moved to Monday jobs. So not time to blog.
Valentines Day was yesterday and I hope everyone had a good one. Have to say my hubby gave me quite the giggle. He has been good at doing it over the last 15 years every once in a while giving me a really good laugh. Well yesterday was no exception. I had as most women probably did, reminded him that Valentines Day was on Monday. And I guess a lot of men gave the same response " Yeah I know!" So it really didn't come to any surprise to me that the girls and I had cards and little something to show him that we loved him. And he had a surprised look on his face and said "Oh I didn't know we were doing something for today!" Of course I responded to that as I had reminded you it was today. Oh well I thought, the card from us said we both had given the girls the gift card for the book store. So the part that made me giggle came when he got up from dinner and was preparing to head to the bank, and I responded that he could just pick me up a Starbucks on his way back and we could call it even. But to my surprise he had gone to his computer and purchased and sent me an Amazon gift card so I could purchase books online for my kindle. So of course made me giggle to receive the email for it, and we had a good laugh that it is a good thing not all online purchases have to be delivered. Anyways that is my funny story for today hope it made you giggle too. And since this is a craft blog, I will add the cards I gave to the girls. The cards were made with the cricut, using create a critter, with recollections paper, action wobbles, punches for the scalloped circle and heart. The cutest googlie eyes with the lashes are purchased from Michaels also. Hope you enjoy and thanks for looking.


  1. Great Cards - I love owls - its my new theme ... - Just got the hoot 'n' holler cartrige (its great)!
    new follower; u can following me on my blog

  2. Great News Amy, I passed a blog award on to you, hope you accept and pass it on to others. Please Click Here (I also sent you an email with the details)

  3. The cards are adorable! I just became a follower and hope u can become one of mine.


  4. Thanks Tisha I will hop right over there and have a look!

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  6. Super cute cards!! I love the eyes you used!! Tfs and have a great day. :)